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In simple terms, balance of mind body soul is essential to flourish in this physical life, and ultimately for self-realization. To be truly happy in life, (which is everyones individual goal) one must first become and be the authentic self.

To truly be ones best version (or close to it) we must understand ourselves i.e who and what we are and how we operate. Once we begin to awaken to and act on this knowledge, we become full of life. Literally, full of life energy with Divine desire to do good in selfless service.

The coaching one provides will help you help yourself to achieve this if you so choose to, just as I have and increasingly am. The knowledge and practises one teaches are generally adaptable ‘appropriately’, customised to work in harmony with each individuals current state of being (mind, body, spiritual understanding) or stage of ones journey if you will. Not to be overwhelmed, but as a step by step progressive process.

With steadfast determination, consistency, and perseverance you will inevitably improve all essential areas of life i.e physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing, which results in abundance; profoundly increasing energy levels, ability to manage stress, to set and accomplish good will goals, improving relationships etc. ultimately enjoying greater happiness for the greater good of all. Of which, should be the ultimate Goal kept in mind.

(We mustn’t focus solely on particular areas and neglect others as this eventually results in being out of balance. Teachings or practises for health and wellness must be for sustainability as opposed to quick fixes for superficial reasons. I do not work with people with primarily selfish ambition or intention).

To achieve this though, and crucially to enjoy much of the journey, we must first be at peace. Peace is not the goal, but the necessary pre-requisite to consciously experience thus enjoy anything. Mindfulness/conscious living (Vedic and yogic principles) is essential to be predominantly peaceful in this restless society. Such a state is only achieved by right moral thoughts and activity, by definite concentration techniques in developing the mind ones meditation, appropriately. Thus, dominant environment and type of company are also important factors.

The sincere truth seeker must be patient and persevering in following ancient and eternal truths i.e from a true guru, or by genuine (by example) selfless spiritual teachers that are donation based and do not charge a fee for such services. New age nonsense is a lie that encourages ego; individuals that (mostly in ignorance) steal ancient eternal truths and practises and put their own perspective (ego) on it and declare it right because it’s easier. Hence; it’s about I, Me, Mine, the opposite to true spirituality. In fact, Defiling true spirituality. Not to judge harshly, I also did this in ignorance for periods along my journey. Easy trap to fall into for the spiritual seeker with so many spiritual charlatans and well meaning delusional influencers online. Particularly YouTube. However, once one comes to know this, he must compassionately share in truth, for Truth.

Therefore, I predominantly provide coaching methods more suited to the average person looking to improve health and wellness. Deeper spiritual practises like proper yoga meditation takes much preparation, dedication, and perseverance. The spiritual teachings I may share are donation based only with no obligations. And, I only gently guide others in the early stages. To speak plainly, I am not a delusional self-made guru, or an unqualified new age spiritual teacher that makes a living off of timeless teachings that originate from authentic spirituality. Nor will I share certain spiritual practises (to satisfy ego) that the individual is not apparently ready for as in the long run this can be detrimental causing more harm than good. And certainly, one doesn’t share higher yoga techniques that are guru given. Not my place. Yet, I have also been taken advantage of by a couple insincere individuals providing perhaps over generous spiritual services. Hence, only sincere seekers need inquire for personal guidance in true spirituality. But don’t let this put you off. My approach of coaching for health and wellness is gentle guidance on a personal individual basis with lots of smiles. One simply must be clear about terms with spiritual teachings as misinterpretations are common, and, misrepresentations and misguidance of spirituality.

Note: Services currently unavailable




Here is a list of specific practises/exercises/healing techniques/knowledge one can effectively guide in/give to enhance ones innate abilities and overall wellness:

(DB = Donation Based).

  • Preliminary steps for meditation i.e asana/right posture (stillness), exercises; physical/spiritual, breathing, pranayama, concentration techniques – DB
  • Suspended animation (savasana/corpes pose; total body relaxation/cell regeneration) – DB
  • Mindfulness meditation practises (including walking meditation) i.e meditation in action – DB
  • Guided meditations – DB
  • Most effective creative visualisation technique and affirmations. Personalised – DB
  • Aum/Om Chanting – DB
  • Energy healing (I have been attuned to reiki master, but do not currently practice reiki) – DB
  • Acupressure – DB
  • Energising exercises (not the same practise given through my Gurudeva and SRF)
  • Qi Gong
  • Natural body movements and calisthenics training
  • Mobility/rehabilitation exercises, stretching and Yin Yoga
  • Ethical diet and nutritional advice and program (optional)
  • Weight loss in line with healthy choices
  • Fasting
  • Manage stress; time, finances, and other responsibilities effectively
  • Setting good will goals and methods to be productive
  • Relationship (all types) advice/counselling
  • Counselling and definite methods (knowledge and practises) for overcoming mental health issues
  • Useful suggestive content for personal/spiritual growth, increase knowledge and awareness with focus on the positive i.e develop right attitude as attitude and intent is of utmost importance


To reiterate: Knowledge, suggestions, practises etc. that I share for personal/spiritual growth are not new ageism. Such teachings are with the intention to better oneself for the greater good. Selfless service serving God and others (which includes doing spiritual practises) naturally results in positive sustainable transformation. Intention is invariably key, and bettering oneself because it’s the right thing to do should be ones why. Not to be materially or superficially successful. In truth, new ageism is inauthentic ‘spirituality’. A popular delusion that disgraces authentic spirituality for selfish gain promoting self-righteousness. A trap easy to fall into for the true spiritual seekers, speaking from experience. Therefore, seeing this, I only share spiritual teachings where I am experientially qualified and only to those that are sincere seekers.

The coaching provided is not merely intellectually based, but experiential


Work With Me Pablo S. Newman

Book a personal one to one Skype, WhatsApp, or telephone session with Pablo.

Decided to offer coaching for health & wellness on a part-donation basis for equality reasons. Some are more financially fortunate than others, and for me, health & wellness should not be limited for just those with more monetary/material wealth.

Therefore, if you’re sincerely seeking guidance in being and becoming the authentic self, to live a more healthy, happy, fulfilled life with good will intention for the greater good, then feel free to email me to schedule a date:

£25 or $25 per session. Those who are able can donate extra if they feel the value. It’s worth highlighting to the more financially successful that the low cost does not define the value of coaching. For equal (and in some cases less) value coaching, costs range from $50 – $500 ph depending on customer base and the fame or intentions of the coach so to speak.

As a yogi aspirant I am experimenting with alternative ideas of service to be more available without prejudice discrimination. Therefore also, spiritual teachings and healing techniques are donation based only with no obligations. Only sincere spiritual seekers need inquire.

Standard sessions are 60 – 90 minutes depending on individual. The flexible window is because strict time frames can disturb i.e we can calmly and consciously finish the session appropriately. For me, it’s about quality over quantity in every aspect. In my view, better to profoundly help few than to help many a little.

I am also open to the potential of exchange in other ways besides money compensation. Sincere suggestions are welcome.

Spontaneous or regular donations in supporting these services are gratefully welcomed.

Namaste X

Note: Services currently unavailable


Ones services are not limited by location and one is open to potential offers worldwide. All sincere enquiries are welcome. Simply email me:

Note: Being a yogi aspirant in spiritual path I purposefully have no electrical device in use some of the time. Therefore, please be patient for a response.



An Awakened Being

I was on my daily walk with my 2 dogs in my local country park, as I walked I began to feel a beautiful energy and was drawn to walk towards a young man. I could physically see a calm energy performing at one with the bars on the exercise equipment. I HAD to stop & say something because I felt this energy so strongly. The young man was Pablo. We struck up conversation & I felt compelled to ask if I could give him a hug (generally I don’t approach strangers in parks & ask to hug them). Pablo has a vast knowledge of Spiritual Practise in all forms & has helped guide me in many areas of my life including nutrition & meditation. Pablo exudes a calming presence where ever he is in the world.

Donna Headley

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