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Not watching TV is great, however, all being at different stages along our journey respectively, watching the motion picture within the motion picture isn’t all ‘bad’ as such. It’s more the quality of content we choose. And like most things, we must not over indulge. Quality over quantity.

The following information (like the content throughout ones website/blog and Youtube channel) may appear quite radical and inconceivable to many with the prospect of: ceasing to feed the deceptive ego with temporary sense pleasures, though this is absolutely necessary to free oneself from slavery of the delusive and inevitably misery making material pleasures of this worldly life and to ascend to the kingdom of heaven, so to speak.

One wishes not to twist truth and deceive oneself and others with ones own perspective, as hard as that can be in the spiritual path and in general. There is certainly much I do not know of course, but what I do know from transformational intuitive understanding and experience is ‘the way’ to Truth, and so follow and (if it feels right) highlight to others the examples of the way, Truth, and the life, and the same essential consistent timeless teachings. That is a journey inward that accompanies eliminating delusive material attachments and temporary sense pleasures; distractions from Truth. With respect, it is not a matter of opinion. We do not know more than the fully enlightened masters or gurus or Avatars. How can one reasonably argue with this who has not sincerely practiced the necessary requirements for spiritual attainments and Self or God realisation? Rhetorical.




Having a healthful mental diet and a strong sincere spiritual desire inevitably awakens one to smart yet obvious consumption choices (as difficult as the food diet transformation can be, empathetically), yet many who consume a somewhat healthy food diet or apparently ethical diet are ignorant to mental diet, thus, still manifest all sorts of issues living in dis-ease and infecting others; “Garbage in garbage out”.

Too much negative, abusive, depressing choices of content i.e reality TV, soaps, TV drama’s, aggressive/violent competitive sports, content with much sexual reference and poor stupid humour, stupid movies etc. all ego based designed to deepen the delusion of the masses keeping us ignorant; separated, materially minded, and self-righteously judgmental to say a little. To be frank, such content is meaningless brain numbing rubbish designed to do just that. These types of distractions from actual Reality (that is realised only within as the enlightened ones teach) significantly affect mental health and overall wellbeing.

Thus, this page provides many amazing resources and recommendations to aid in acquiring good health and well-being; to develop a well rounded point of view promoting study and research in crucial historical and religious knowledge; and motivation to engage in spiritual practises.

Most of the recommendations are educational resources providing great value. There are also some affiliate links to some tried and tested products.

Wise influencer’s, inspiring and educational movies and documentaries, health conscious products and more…




Content will likely be continuously added to this page. One shall include links where possible, however, some movies, documentaries etc. you will have to find yourself via apps or other sources. Also check playlists on YouTube channel.

Simply browse page and see what takes your interest….

Note: It may shock and even anger some with the diversity of content recommendations. Understandable, though please keep in mind that there is good and bad in everything. The main factor is ones approach/state of mind. Open? Or deeply conditioned/brainwashed?

In some of the content one shares there are things that may frustrate mind ego somewhat due to it’s misleading dogma (I know the feeling), yet the same content offers profound benefits for the truth seeker not allowing himself to be naively led or egotistically skeptical. For example: there is lots of historical and biblical content, even ‘Christian’ movies. Yet one can enjoy a Christian movie (that are warm hearted, non-profanity, and generally slower paced not promoting restlessness with constant rapid scene changes) without getting angry with the odd dogmatic statement or reference of misinterpreted or distorted scripture. One who is in tune (or somewhat in tune like myself) is able to discriminate by intuition. True conscience intuition is Truth.

For man (man in it’s original context meaning; mind) living in society it is important to be open and study with an unbiased yet discriminative mind. Also, to develop a well rounded/educated authentic opinion and attain understanding. I encourage all to be conscious of ones own perspective being ‘the right perspective’. Most of what we ‘think’ we think we know is usually recycled opinions; delusion. A hard fact to face for most spiritual or yogi aspirants in the early stages. The average person simply refuses to accept he knows nothing of Reality.

Religion and religious/spiritual philosophies are core in history and remembering Truth. Yet due to it’s corrupt evil history (namely/mainly caused by false Christianity churchism; churchianity as so brilliantly described by my Guru Paramahansa Yogananda), just the word religion or God repels many. I urge those ‘easily led’ (which includes atheists as ‘I’ once were) therefore, to study and practice and experience many religious philosophy, culture, and nature to attain true authentic knowledge of life. Ancient time tested religious sciences like Vedic dharma and yoga. And to avoid the new age nonsense of more recent authors, influencers, or so called spiritual teachers.

Engaging in spiritual practises (namely yogic paths, which leads to correct meditation practice) is key and essential in understanding any religious scripture; to realise Truth. As agreed upon by all self-realised masters and true yogis. Remember that yoga is the science to attain Self or God realization, therefore, no matter the apparent path, he who is on the only true path is a yogi.

We must never be satisfied with being told what is and is not by a priest, intellectual preacher or teacher, proclaimed spiritual teacher etc. one must study for himself and experience authentic truth and ultimately the one eternal only Truth or Reality by way of practice; intuitive knowledge. (The goal of us yogi or spiritual aspirants). Which is to say, follow what the avatars or true masters or gurus actually teach. This includes Yeshua; Blessed Lord Jesus The Christ.


Like a Fig, we must turn inward to flower and produce sweet fruit



Much of the content on this page is based on true stories and are wonderful examples of the Lords loving will/work and the power of belief and faith. This is essentially the point of sharing. People want visual proof of God, yet one simply need open his heart and inner eye, thus eyes, and he will see things as they are. Hence the common statement of the yogis: “the meditator sees things as they are”, remaining unattached.

Gods love is in everything that is good, calling his beloved children home. For those awakening or awake with increasing awareness, the examples, the evidence, the Truth is everywhere. Within, without, everywhere. Why live in constant battle filled with self-righteousness, lust, greed, anger, and hate, when one can strive to surrender and live in the loving light of the Lords righteousness, peace, love, and joy.

This being said, to simply accept some of these true stories etc. as all ‘true’ would be naive and foolish. (As it is to perceive all religious stories as literal). Of course they can be manipulated to suit agenda, particularly Christian movies based on true stories. Or even visual gospel movies acting with over emphasis on the physical meanings i.e too literal missing the deeper inner truths hidden in the parables of Lord Jesus. Watch and listen attentively with the heart not mind (as Lord Yeshaua declared), and you will feel truth. Just remember, Jesus is not Christianity. Most Christianity or churchianity more appropriately portrays a wrong/corrupt perception of Yeshua and of God almighty. Darkening and demonising such beautiful teachings in harmony with the science of yoga. Such a pity. I urge you to study the works of Paramahansa Yogananda (beginning with ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’, and then ‘The Second Coming of Christ – the Christ Within You’. Link below in recommended books) who deciphers truth in the name of the Lord.

Always analyse a beings potential purpose, agenda, etc. i.e what’s in it for them. All the great saints and gurus that truly know God and were living embodiments like Jesus had no material or ego driven gain for themselves, this includes Paramahansa Yogananda and the SRF line of Gurus that also includes Jesus. Don’t be fooled by the ‘intellectual man chosen’ preachers or teachers of religions that clearly don’t know God. All enlightened ones throughout history teach that soul intuition (true faith) developed only by deep steadfast meditation and sincere prayer is the only ‘way’ to truly know God.

Try to understand that different things resonate with different people. Some stuff one shares you may love, some you may dislike and disagree with at present, but try not to hate. I speak from being the fool who did this. Nothing can be positively gained by doing so. We are all in process at different stages and essentially, we are all one. But it has to be known, understood and humbly accepted that new age religion is corrupt. There is right and wrong. There are eternal and righteous laws given to us to follow.

One Love X




Ethical & Healthy Product Recommendations

Xero Barefoot Shoes and Sandals USA       Xero Barefoot Shoes and Sandals UK

The prio shoe was the first barefoot minimalist footwear I tested and can soundly state that they are an incredible design.  I was so impressed with the prio and Xero shoes as an ethical company I decided to affiliate them. Since originally writing this I have well tried and tested Xero shoes Amuri Z-trek sandals and the Terraflex shoes.

Being barefoot is the way to go, however in certain temperatures, on certain terrain, and in certain environment being barefoot is not so comfortable, or not yet possible. So barefoot shoes are the next best thing and complementary to ones barefoot conditioning, so to speak. Being grounded is essential for optimal health and well-being and being more in tune with nature and our true self.



USA: Water Distiller & Glass Jug

USA: Carbon Filters

UK: Water Distiller & Glass Jug

UK: Carbon Filters


From my experience (mistake), it’s definitely worth paying a little more for Mega Home distillers; better quality and longer lasting i.e best value.

Distilled water is evidently the purest form to drink in this age. Don’t be fooled by the propaganda. Bottled water and tap water in almost every part of the world is toxic to some degree. Be sure to do your diligence and take care of thyself!


USA: Enema Kit
UK: Enema Kit 

I have used this enema kit many times with no defaults. Therefore, best value and cost efficient kit available in my opinion.



Recommended Books


Certain books have been profoundly influential along my conscious spiritual process having been Divinely guided to read the right book at the right time, beginning with ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’. Therefore, generally one does not recommend books to individuals as if one learns to meditate and develops his or her intuition, one will be Divinely guided. However, the suggested books are of truth, positive and life affirming, and thus, anyone with the right attitude can reap much benefit from diving deep into these books with accompanying spiritual practises. ‘Second Coming Of Christ’ is a must for all so called Christians. But one must meditate to awaken to truth.

 Amazon Affiliate Links USA 


Amazon Affiliate Links UK


Guided Meditations, Harmonious Music for Meditation and Relaxation, and Kirtan




 Recommended Inspiring, Educational, Historical, Scientific, Spiritual Documentaries, Talks, and Sacred Scripture



Recommended YouTube Channels and Genuine Teachers to Research, Listen, and Learn From


Note: It’s important and necessary to be open yet cautious when researching to discover truth. Just because I am recommending certain individuals does not mean I agree with everything they share or teach. Be open and intuition (truth) will speak to you. One must also be logical and practical and self-experiment to experience thus know truth.


Recommended Inspiring, Educational, Spiritual, and Heart Warming Movies for the Soul. Many based on a true story.


Biblical/Historical Movies & Series



Amazing movies for all ages with profound messages of truth positively influencing children and adults alike. Smart choices for parents.
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