Pablo’s inward journey has led to profound mental, emotional, and physical transformation of which he once could have never dreamed possible.


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I choose to write this about page as the ‘third person’ because I feel it’s better on every level than using so many I’s, one’s, and me’s. Besides, we are not defined by our name, and essentially, we are just characters playing different roles for countless lifetimes in the movie drama of life, say the enlightened ones in so many words.

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Pablo began his conscious transformational journey the month of November 2013. However, early 2014 after entranced in meditation for the first time was when his conscious spiritual process truly began.

Herewith, Pablo consistently meditated daily very seldom breaking the habit and in a matter of three short months the powerful anxiety attacks he’d been suffering from eradicated entirely.

After years of failure by western methods, this greatly motivated Pablo to pursue traditional/ancient eastern/natural methods that led also to the study of ancient history, history, diverse culture, indigenous tribes, spiritual science, natural ways of living and subjects of a similar nature. Life stuff. Effectively, study of the human system and Universal truths. Knowledge encouraging self experimentation.

By self-education, conscious physical rehabilitation, meditation, mindfulness, self-inquiry, and consistently engaging in other self-development and physical, mental and spiritual practises, Pablo achieved reigniting our innate intuitive nature within himself enabling to trust himself more and more, gradually diminishing reliance upon external sources; a delusive mind state that paralyses our natural abilities and causes us to forget our true Self.


With consistent practice exercising thus developing and balancing mind body soul connection, the mental health issues i.e clinical depression, PTSD, restlessness, destructive anger, being suicidal, lack of self-esteem/confidence and some, soon subsided to a more than manageable level. Respect, understanding, awareness, intelligence, patients, calmness, purpose, love and contentment predominantly replaced.

Pablo whole heartedly feels that when one has overcome such adversity thus attained such priceless knowledge, he or she must gratefully accept responsibility and selflessly act and share appropriately with others. Unless Divinely guided otherwise.

Pablo openly expresses the particularly painful period of the first few years of his personal transformation battling the ego overcoming colossal arrogance and ignorance, a restless self-tortured mind, and quite frankly outright mental stupidity. Accomplished whilst living in a toxic environment in every sense. No easy feat. However, with increased awareness, intelligence, and sensitivity to energies, conducive environment became essential for further and sustained progress.

With that being said, it is a fact that we all possess the power within to positively transform, but we have to do the work; the inner engineering. Ultimately, no one can change another. Nor should we attempt to do so. Individual human effort is a must.




Pablo’s Gurus


Self Realization Fellowship (SRF) line of Gurus: Lord Jesus Christ. Bhagavan Krishna. Mahavatar Babaji. Lahiri Mahasaya. Sri Yuketeswar. Guru preceptor Paramahansa Yogananda.



Pablo has been studying and practising the SRF lessons since early 2016 after reading ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’. This book profoundly helped Pablo’s understanding of experiences and intuitive insights he had in meditative states.

Paramahansa Yogananda is credited for bringing original yoga teachings to the West; a prophecy fulfilled. As a matter of special divine dispensation, through Lord Jesus Christ, Sri Krishna, Mahavatar Babaji, Lahiri Mahasaya, and Swami Sri Yuketeswar, Paramahansa Yogananda was selected to spread the Kriya Yoga science worldwide through the united original yoga of Lord Krishna and original/true Christianity of Lord Jesus the Christ.

Unlike most religions and impelling dogmatic belief systems (that includes atheism and material science fanatics), the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda (like all truly enlightened beings, prophets/messengers of God) is open to all people from diverse backgrounds with various views.

One does not have to become an SRF monk, or even a student to study the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda. (Or Paramhansa as some other devotees from different religious organisations refer to Paramahansaji. Apparently because guruji wrote his name as Paramhansa, but SRF say he informed them to change this. Better not to get caught up in that distraction. Yeshua is the original name of Jesus and some waste precious time and energy on arguing this point, yet the Lord knows ones heart and his true devotees. To truly love God and the enlightened ones from the heart is the point and what’s essential). One can study the literature of Paramahansa Yogananda and seek out another foundation or religious organisation that practises kriya yoga and the gurus teachings. The SRF or YSS gurus and their teachings are likewise revered, studied and practiced elsewhere.  As always the case, it’s the teachings and devotion to Guru/s that is essential, not the specific religion or foundation etc.

All truth seekers or actual open-minded individuals are welcome to learn these teachings encouraging to keep an open unbiased mind. The only ‘way’ to know ‘Truth’ is by way of experience. Yoga provides that substantial practical ‘way’.


Pablo highly recommends reading (UK Link) –  Autobiography Of A Yogi  (US Link) Autobiography Of A Yogi and then seeing whether you feel drawn to this path.

George Harrison of the Beatles used to joyfully gift others this book to inspire and lift from despair. The celebrated book was the only ebook found on Steve Jobs iPad ensuing his passing. Apparently he read it every year.

There are several other spiritual teachers that Pablo has benefited from particularly during the first few years of his transformation, however, Pablo’s view of certain teachers and coaches has changed during the process of increasingly awakening. He feels many are, and demonstrate, lacking ethics and the divine will to truly work for the greater good i.e demonic self-righteous materialists that refer to themselves as life coaches; and false ‘spiritual’ teachers; ‘New Age’ nonsense.

He feels such teachers/coaches share transformational information, but stolen from authentic spirituality and manipulated for self interest i.e name, fame, fortune, serving ego, not God that is true spirituality. Others of course, are just innocently deluded as I was with ‘New Ageism’. Although this may serve a purpose in some respect (one isn’t sure), essentially, they are leading people further down the selfish delusive path as opposed to the spiritual path that is the only path to Truth, thus liberation.


There are also other amazing yogis and teachers that Pablo gleefully relates with and has benefited from. See Resources & Recommendations page: People to Listen and Learn From. And of course there are true gurus (most in Spirit and few in the flesh with most of them unknown), saints, and many spiritual teachers sharing truths setting the example by the way they lived or are living here on Earth..

The avatar Gautama Buddha has also profoundly impacted Pablo. Ultimately though, deep meditation is the greatest teacher of all and for all, hence this parallel teaching across all true religions and philosophies stemming from the enlightened ones; the Buddhas.

As we know, perspectives generally differ, and many sacred teachings and truths (particularly biblical) have been and are still being taken to literally; misinterpreted due to intellectual ‘study’ alone, thus missing the deeper inner esoteric meanings, or deceptively manipulated for the purpose of power, profit, and control in this world. Hence, the vital importance to research discriminatively, with a cautious, unbiased, experimental, open-mind. And to engage in spiritual practises; journey inward.




Pablo (doing his utmost to follow the enlightened masters) invariably advises others to approach their study and research with an open, discriminative, unbiased mind, otherwise the mind ego will choose the information it wants to avoid pain and back up ones false programmed beliefs, preventing authentic truth from shining through.

Pablo does not adhere to any particular religion, but is a student of religious and scientific philosophies, perspectives, and practises. Being a yogi aspirant. Being in the ‘spiritual’ path seeking Self-realzation, Pablo is religious. One cannot rightly claim to be spiritual and not religious as true spirituality is religious; God centred.

Pablo grew up brainwashed with atheism. Confused, he often wrongly judged, arrogantly laughed at, and ignorantly hated what he thought was religion and ‘God people’ for most of his life. Due to lack of proper education, Pablo also learned prejudice discrimination. Many times over, in meditative states, Pablo has re-visited such life events and had to repent and forgive himself for such shamefulness.

Each time the Divine began to shine through his ignorance, he was corrupted and manipulated by the demonic dark forces manifesting in blood family relation, and then beaten down, in himself.

Growing up in such faithless and deluded environment prevents the average child or young person to purposefully seek Truth or God. For obvious reason. Nonetheless, no excuses. Pablo is not enlightened and thus cannot fully comprehend his karma.

Pablo later realised much of the traumatic events and circumstances experienced in this life; mental, physical, and emotional, and the trauma he foolishly endured for so long, was the Lord calling him home. As is so often the case for us children of God, lost in the chaos of foolishness.

Pablo’s re-awakening (not ultimate enlightenment) came to him before intently indulging in religious studies in the summer of 2014 during meditation in nature at a peaceful country park. Pablo was not consciously searching for God or Source, therefore uninfluenced by religion or religious dogma.




The experience of knowing God can not be verbally explained or effectively debated to satisfy the intellectual or ego mind, it can only be experienced and felt intuitively, which is why so many argue the existence of God. Those that have truly experienced God to some degree understand this truth and no explanation is necessary.


Those that have experienced God, no explanation is necessary. Those that haven’t. no explanation is possible


Pablo understands that the word God makes many of us feel uncomfortable (as it did himself), which causes many to immediately shut down receptivity of ‘new’ information, as do other certain words or expressions in regards to the individual. This felt wrong to him, and so refused to allow dogmatic brainwashing of a terrifying false God to determine how he feels about the dominant term for our incomprehensible Creator.

Pablo made the decision to overcome that issue, of which took some time  by himself in definite practice and prayer. Although considerably longer in using the word God around others due to fear and anxiety of conflict with others, persecution and ridicule. How terrible. No words should come or feel more natural and joyous than the names and references for the Eternal Only.

God is simply a word of reference for the one all pervading creative energy of all things. The unconditional love energy that is Cosmic Consciousness; The I AM. Not a white bearded dude chilling on white fluffy clouds condemning his greatest most beloved creations to burn in eternal hell for essentially not knowing what they do.

God does not punish us. We do that by allowing the satanic force (there are many terms for this too) to control us with evil thoughts and actions; bad karma effectively resulting from ignorance. We are children of God with free will, thus co-creators. Soul snippets of Spirit; infinite intelligence. Would such incomprehensible intelligence choose to punish itself? Choose suffering? To eradicate all evil (which God could do in a heartbeat of course), would be for God to break his covenant, his own commandments/laws taking away free will, and thus, we would be automatons. Basically, as opposed to devoted servants of the Lord, robot slaves with no unique expression or love. And true love is God and can only be found in God. And so it is an impossibility. In fact, without the duality, thus individual choice, we all know that this existence could not be. Anyways, Pablo cannot pretend to understand it all. Such an extensive bewildering topic that cannot be realised intellectually, so enough said. This is where surrender and true faith comes in.


Pablo realised that spiritual ignorance is the essential cause of misery, and without understanding of Spirit; experientially and intuitively knowing God as the Eternal Only, we will always be searching to fill a void. This becomes undoubtedly clear and obvious to the consistent persistent meditator or serious devotee. As the timeless enlightened sons of God (like Sri Krishna and blessed Yeshua, Lord Jesus) teach, God is within us all, and sincere devoted service, prayer, and meditation is ‘the way’ of experience; to see things as they are; to know Truth; to regain our true soul consciousness Self as fellow sons of God.






We are a Divine soul snippet of Spirit and are worthy to live in the loving Light of the Lord God. If we so choose to. Yet, we must do our part and make necessary human effort. Gods grace is not for the spiritually lazy.

Thanks for reading.


Peace & Love unto you my friend X

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