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On this page you will learn ones WHY: what type of content shared/sharing on Blog and YouTube; my style of sharing etc. You can learn a little about my transformational process on the About page.


Change in Direction


Not been active sharing content for a while. Early 2019, several YouTube videos were deleted, as well as a few blog posts. It simply felt right to do so. (FYI: in so doing, number of total video views significantly reduced). Will possibly share my realisations as to why in more depth in a future video. For now, all I will say is that one has endured a period of confusion that caused indecisiveness, which led me to cease many things including releasing content and providing coaching services seeking authentic Truth.

I have changed or corrected and updated much of the information or writings on this website during this period. This (and understandably so) may seem inauthentic to the average soul, however, (apart from simply improving in writing skills, perhaps), as any true spiritual aspirant knows, such experiences; feelings of doubt; confusion; indecisiveness; frustration etc. is apart of the journey when your goal is to attain God and live in his righteousness, as opposed to ones own ego perception as to what is right or truth; new age ideology of which I was also unknowingly deluded in.

Only the most self-righteous (and I’ve been that colossally prior to the spiritual path) fail to question their views i.e have doubts etc. after all, one who is not fully enlightened is still ignorant to some degree and thus does not know much. Interestingly and consistently, the aspirant finds that the more he learns the more he realises how little he knows and is humbled over and over again. Although he certainly knows more than most because he sincerely seeks. I hope you can appreciate ones intention to keep it real sharing this.

Remember: Change is the nature of life. Being in conscious spiritual process naturally causes us to change perspectives or direction far more frequently than the average human. Thus, we should not be too hard on ourselves (as I have previously been) on our journey back home. With perseverance, each step of change leads us onward and upward when intently journeying inward seeking Truth. Each step is thus a cause for progress.




YouTube & Blog


New content when it feels right. There are periods of no content due to travel, retreat, or other life stuff that arises. We never know what’s happening for sure. Therefore, canny make any promises. This mistake one has previously made. I AM on my own spiritual journey of course with ultimate Self/God-realisation (true or full enlightenment) being the goal (of which is the purpose for all souls), thus, one requires solitude and not to be engaged too much with people or electrical devices.

Hence, on YouTube I do not read or respond to comments. Too much engaging and use of electrical devices is detrimental to health/wellbeing and sadhana/spiritual practises, thus; life goal/purpose. With respect, no time or energy for distractions or destructive ignorance i.e. hateful abusive self-righteous commenters. Praise from the grateful that benefit, although appreciate the thoughtful kindness, is not beneficial for the spiritual or yogi aspirant. YouTube channel as well as website/blog serve as open resources for personal/spiritual growth for many fellow spiritual aspirants or seekers. Sincere Truth seekers. Particularly those in early awakening stages so to speak.

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I share what I have achieved and realised (including self-experimentation results of ancient holistic methods for health and wellness), and help others help themselves in re-awakening our innate intuitive nature – Guidance in being and becoming the authentic self with the greater good at heart, in soul, and in mind.



Balance is key. Proof of this truth is everywhere in life. We must become balanced in our being; mind-body-soul that connects us to our true Divine nature; Spirit. Therefore, the content of YouTube channel and Blog is of various topics all related to personal and spiritual growth.




Sharing powerful information based on thorough, discriminative, unbiased research, acute deliberate observations, plain evidence, self-experimentation, and most importantly self-experience.

Sharing useful, practical, and empowering knowledge; life lessons; practises etc. (much of which can be adapted to ones current state of being) that have been/is apart of ones journey of awakening transforming from being clinically depressed with severe mental health issues most of this life, as well as many physical problems and hinderances reversed. Some of which are apparently irreversible.

As the YouTube channel and Blog is essentially about lifestyle and how to live; personal and spiritual growth etc. topics may appear rather broad, yet subjects are essentially related with educational value relevant to being and becoming the authentic self and living a more purposeful happy fulfilled life. This website, blog, and Youtube channel serve as free resources to hopefully contribute to the greater good.

Note: Unless a self-realised master in constant state of flow (nirvikalpa/nirbikalpa samadhi), ego or imagination ‘can be’ confused with intuitive truth or higher consciousness. All the masters teach that proper meditation is the way to develop true intuition, which is all knowing.




Due to the nature of the content one shares on YouTube, my style is generally slow with the intent to be clear and concise to the best of ones ability. Few edits/cuts avoiding rapid pace videos; information overload. One refuses to contribute to the profound mental health issue of a restless mind demanding instant gratification. This goes against the point of the channel and authentic spirituality. Those that operate in this way (feeding the restless mind) will never know Truth; attain Self/God realisation, awaken to Self or God, or even come close to living authentically on purpose. Thus, no true lasting fulfilment or happiness will be attainable.

A true seeker of the way, the truth, the life, will approach learning with actual interest in personal and spiritual growth and take the time applying the necessary effort to calmly listen carefully to information of ancient and timeless spiritual teachings with a cautious yet open mind and open heart. (Not emotionally that clouds the sun of truth). Pauses in between speech are vital for many to process and digest information, otherwise, one gets overloaded and makes even more mess in mind. Besides, truth speakers in selfless service do not verbalise at great speeds for obvious reasons. All self-realised masters are clear examples of this. There life examples and teachings are there for us to respectfully, gratefully, intently, and humbly follow.

Aum Shanti X




Self-education and experience as a spiritual scientist or yogi aspirant creates greater awareness and understanding of who/what we are and awakens us to the functions of the human mechanism as well as how things truly operate in nature and the world. This is true intelligence.




Such scientific, religious, intuitive knowledge leads to understanding oneness more and more, thus others, of which creates compassion with the awareness of choice. One is without freedom of choice until he realises choice is a choice. Only then can we truly choose to change. Choose to change the self as opposed to others and everything else and the possibilities are endless; limitless! Change Inspires Change!


The greatest gift we can give to the world is our own self-realization


One Love X

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  1. I hope there is a learning place where the “haters” go to get fixed before returning to the soul pool BUT PLEASE DO NOT LET THEM get under your skin or waste an ounce of your energy.
    You are on the right path and i thank you for being willing & sharing it as a guide & shining light for seekers of a peaceful path to growth and Love – the least understood and greatest power in this universe.

  2. Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wanted to
    mention that I have truly enjoyed surfing around
    your blog posts. In any case I will be subscribing in your feed and I hope
    you write once more soon!

  3. Your style is very unique in comparison to other
    people I have read stuff from. I appreciate
    you for posting when you have the opportunity, Guess I’ll just book mark this page.


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